The Maxwell Institute Graduate School in Analysis and its Applications (MIGSAA) is a Centre for Doctoral Training that provides high quality instruction in analysis and the applications of analysis to a wide range of areas.  PhD study in MIGSAA may be undertaken with over 40 supervisors at Heriot-Watt and the University of Edinburgh, and on topics ranging from pure analysis to applied mathematics relevant for scientific, engineering, environmental or social challenges.  We have fully funded 4-year schholarships available each year.

Students find a warm welcome amongst the top rated internationally focused Mathematics research team at Heriot-Watt. The main areas of research at the moment are Applied Analysis; Computational Applied Mathematics and Modelling; Mathematical Biology and Medicine; Algebra and Topology; Mathematical Physics; Partial Differential Equations. 

The research topics pursued by students and the academic team are many and varied, including:

  • Bifurcations and nonlinear boundary value problems
  • Disease dynamics in ecology
  • Knot surgery in algebra
  • Nonlinear wave propagation
  • String theory and K-theory
  • Wound healing in mathematical medicine